To outsiders, the UK must seem like a country of sex molesters.


The recent scandal in the world of football is being reported all around the world, and it is not putting us on in a very good light. I recently had some time off from Brixton escorts and travelled to Australia to visit my grandma. When I checked their news, I came across a news problem all about sex tourism and under age sex. It even talked about the current crisis in the world of football.

Fortunately it did not mention Brixton escorts from I have never told any member of my family that I work for an escort agency. The truth is that I worry about them misunderstanding the situation. But my grandma was still shocked to hear about the latest sex scandal in the UK. She says it is can be kind of embarrassing saying that you are a Brit when stuff like this comes on the TV. Personally I cannot believe how widespread the problem is in UK society today. We seem to have crisis after crisis.

I think it is about time to sit down and found out what actually went and get to the bottom of it. Is it still going on today? I have the funny feeling that we are only scratching the surface of the problem. One good thing about travelling to Australia was to see your own country from a different point of view. Several things were mentioned that could not be mentioned in the UK because of legal reasons. If this football scandal is true, it will be a real shock to our community.

Football is a great British game and so many youngsters are involved. If they are being abused by coaching staff, we need to know. The people who are doing the abusing belong in jail and should not be allowed to be around children ever again. A couple of the girls at Brixton escorts have got children and they are certainly worried about the situation. I think if I had kids, I would be really careful and look into things before they were allowed to join an activity.

It sounds like I am taking the moral high ground but we really need to sort this out. I don’t know of anything like this going on in our local community but you never know. A girlfriend of mine at Brixton escorts says that there are the people smugglers as well. They were mentioned in the same program and the news team did have a lot of evidence. It makes me wonder how they could get the evidence when the local police can’t. The police seems not to be too bothered about any of this. It is heart breaking and I know that many of friends at Brixton escorts do agree with me. We need to put a stop to it and it is clear that some people belong in jail. I feel sorry for kids today -do they really know who they can trust?

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