Getting in great shape for a summer on the beach



I love nothing better than to look sexy for the beach. Sure having a great summer body helps, but there is a lot more to look hot on the beach. Never underestimate the value of having a great bikini or swimsuit. I usually invest in at least a couple of nice looking bikinis, and I may even model them for some of the gents that I date at Balham escorts. It is always nice to get the nod of approval from someone who knows.

Getting in perfect shape for the beach for me means going one step further than some of the girls at Balham escorts from Sure it I great to be perfectly toned, but that is not all that I do. If you are serious about looking sexy for the beach, you should also invest in a good skin scrub. Use it before you go on holiday and take it with you on your holiday as well. A good quality skin scrub can make you look great and help you to get rid of those pesky dead skin cells which stop you from getting a good quality suntan. Spend a little bit of extra money and go for one of the ski scrubs like Lancome Sugar Scrub.

Another thing that can help you to look super sexy on the beach is a fake tan. I know it sounds like a waste of money, but a quality spray tan can help you on the first couple of days on the beach, It will go some way to help you to protect your skin, and even keep it a little bit more moisturized. In the winter time, I often have a fake tan applied so that I look great for Balham escorts. But I have also found that it helps a great deal to have a fake tan before I go on holiday.

What about suntan lotions? I love returning to Balham escorts with a suntan which goes on and on. To do that, you need to invest in good suntan lotion. I always buy a natural suntan lotion which I think is much better for me. You will find that natural suntan lotions will give you a much better tan as they do not contain any artificial additives at all. I know that factor 50 is often promoted to be great, but I am not sure how much it does for you. Number 20 is good enough for me. If I get too hot, I move out of the sun instead.

After your day on the beach, I am sure that you would like to have a sexy night to look forward to. I love to invest in a couple of quality dresses from top brands, and a couple of cheap once as well. They seem to last forever, and I can even wear them at Balham escorts after I come back from holiday. Before you go out on the pull for the night, you want to apply a good body lotion. Some girls go for one of those with shimmer in them, but I don’t use them all over my body. I prefer to use regular body lotion and then I use a shimmering one to emphasize my cleavage. That does look a lot sexier than shimmering allover. Use a necklace to show off your division as well, and you are bound to find some male company.

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