There is nothing like a curvy girl!

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Ever since I have been dating London escorts, I have enjoyed dating curvier girls. Over the last couple of years, I have noticed a shift in the kind of girls gentlemen enjoy dating. I am sure that most gents were not so much into curvy women but things have changed. When you look around escorts in London services at the moment, there are plenty of curvy women who work as London escorts. Is the skinny girl out? I am not saying that the skinny girl does not have a future at London escorts.

As far as I know, there are still plenty of gentlemen out there who like to date skinny London escorts. But when you look around, you will soon see that the curvier escort is quickly becoming much more popular at elite and top London escorts agencies in many parts of London. It is a little bit like Black escorts that you can hook up with at most good escort agencies in London these days. Once Black London escorts were a rare commodity, but they can be found at most agencies. Why are curvier London escorts so popular? I think that a lot of gentlemen really do think that curvier women are sexier. When I used to date really skinny women, I am not sure that I enjoyed it as much. I also think that there are a lot of ladies out there who would like to have a bit more weight on their bones, but they are forced into dieting. If you check out the press, you will soon notice that the focus is still very much on skinny models.

I am not the only guy in my circle of friends who enjoys dating skinny models and London escorts. Rather a few of the gents my age seem to enjoy the company of curvy London escorts more than skinny girls. I think that women who are a bit more curvy are very sexy and more feminine. To be honest, I seem to belong to the generation of men who have gone off dating skinny girls. They make look sexy with all of their clothes on, but there is nothing really feminine about them. Are women losing their sense of femininity? I think many women have lost their sense of femininity, and that is sad. There seems to be a lot of pressure on women to act more like men these days, and I find that hugely off putting. As a matter of fact, I feel sorry for women who are trying to act and be more feminine, they seem to be getting in the back from their sisters who are not so feminine, and that is not really fair when it comes down to it. Anyway, I am pleased that there are sexy and feminine London escorts, there is certainly nothing wrong with a girl who has got some curves. I will always continue to support a woman’s right to enjoy her femininity and stay a girl as I like to say.

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