My Girlfriend Is Big – Is She Promoting an Unhealthy Lifestyle

One of the girls that I work with at London escorts is a plus size London escort. More gents are asking for plus size escorts than ever before, but I keep wondering if London escorts services are doing the right thing by employing plus size escorts. I know that we are all entitled to our enjoyment, but I do wonder if we are propering unhealthy living habits at the same time. My best friend is plus size and I am surprised that she has decided to work for the best escorts in London agency.

Most of the girls who work for this London escorts service are skinny, but the boss seems to like the idea of plus size London escorts. He says that he is beginning to change his personal opinion of the body beautiful and now thinks that many larger ladies are prettier and sexier. I know what he means. Larger ladies do have a certain feminine charm, and I do think that a lot of gents really feel comfortable around them. I don’t have a problem at all, and I like my plus size colleagues.

Do all plus size ladies have an unhealthy lifestyle? No they don’t. My friend here at London escorts who is a plus size escort, is not unhealthy at all. She likes her food, but she is proper food and does a lot of home cooking. I had expected her diet to be packed with sugar but that is not the case at all. She eats super healthy meals but she eats a lot more than I do. Saying that, I have noticed that she is one the London escorts with the most energy. When I come home from London escorts, I go home and collapse, but she just carries on.

My plus size friend exercises as much as I do. The other day we finished our shift at London escorts early and went for a walk in the park. To be honest, I found it hard to keep up with my friend. She really seemed to be steaming ahead and I had to sort of jog to keep up with her. By the time we came to the Serpentine and walked around it, I was kind of ready to drop. Once again, my friend surprised me by striding out.

So, do I think that we promote unhealthy lifestyles at London escorts when we promote plus size escorts. I cannot say that we do so. I think that many larger ladies are just as health, if not healthier, than the skinny ones. My large friend can outdo me in almost anything, and there is little wonder why gents like to spend time with her. She is fun to be with and have got bags of positive energy. Just what you expect from a girl who works for London escorts. I am sure that she will do very well at our agency, and I know that a lot of gents are already lining up to date her.

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